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Artist Statement “My work concerns the paradoxes of visual perception, the enigmas and quirks, and how it all forms the basis for our realities. The impact, excitement, and energies created by incongruity, juxtaposition and opposites all interest me. The images are couched in paradoxical terms and must challenge the mind’s eye, must invoke opposites and hold them in tension. The work at times seems to refer to something in reality, but then the reference is denied. Identity; the fusion of so many experiences, so many inquiries, so many intuitions is also a primary issue.” __________________________________ The following pages incorporate the paintings, prints and drawings covering the seven decades of Deborah's work. From the late 1940s through 2007, Deborah Remington established herself as one of the era's most prolific and influential post-abstract expressionists.

Deborah Remington

Dorset  1972

oil on canvas

91" x  87"

Artist at work in studio

New York City, circa 1967

Deborah Remington

March 1964

oil on canvas

57 1/4" x 49 1/2"


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